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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Ethnic Politics: Pre-, During and Post-conflict Perspectives

Albanian Journal of Politics
Call for Papers
For a special issue on
Ethnic Politics: Pre-, During and Post-conflict Perspectives

With the end of Cold War, ethnicity with its multi-dimensional character has become a salient source of strife within and between states, thus profoundly affecting both domestic and transnational politics across the world, especially that of developing world. The effects of ethnic identity are felt at micro- and macro levels of decision making. It affects the choices of individuals, groups of individuals and decision-makers in a series of arenas: political, economic, and military. As the human toll as result of internal and external ethnic conflicts is increasing every day, so does the concern of political scientists trying to understand and identify its roots and persistency; its interaction with other political, economic and military factors; and the methods that best end or mitigate ethnic conflict. While questions such as how ethnic conflict affects political stability, establishment and consolidation of democracy, economic development, and security and safety have been considered in the discipline, there is still room for further exploration of these issues as no broad consensus exists.

Albanian Journal of Politics is seeking contributions for a special issue addressing the implications of ethnicity in contemporary politics. Of particular interest are articles focusing on the roots of ethnic conflict, conflict resolution, and reconstruction and nation-building in the aftermath of ethnic conflict. Articles from political science’s sub-disciplines are encouraged although interdisciplinary manuscripts will also be considered.

A list of possible themes discussing ethnic conflict either in general or within specific cultural, geographical and/or institutional settings, are listed below.

• Ethnicity and violent conflict
• Ethnic conflict and institutions
• Transnational ethnic conflict: interstate, spillover and diffusion
• Ethnic violence and economic development
• Ethnic conflict and civil society
• Resolution of ethnic conflict
• Post-ethnic conflict nation-building

These themes are meant as examples. A broader range of themes addressing ethnic violence and ethnic conflict resolution will be considered by the Editorial Group.

Submission should be sent electronically both to ajp@alpsa.org and adahyso@uwm.edu by November 15, 2008. Selection decisions will be made by February 15, 2009. The final drafts are expected by May 15 2009.

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